Brendon Gibson


A&D Counsellor

Brendon Gibson is the newest member of the friendship center team.  Mr. Gibson began his career as an addictions counsellor at a rehabilitation center for individuals struggling with substance abuse/dependence. He obtained his degree in psychology from the University of Saskatchewan. 

Brendon has an honest desire to help.  He makes every effort to ensure that you receive the greatest possible support you can in your time of need.  Specializing in addiction and many addiction related issues such as grief, codependency, trauma, and anger to name a few, Mr. Gibson’s time as a helping professional has allowed him to develop his skills tailored to the needs of each individual client.  Furthermore, Mr. Gibson understands many of the cultural components of the first nation’s people.  His knowledge of various cultural teachings, his professional, practical, and academic backgrounds have well prepared him for his role as a counsellor at our center.  If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction or addiction related issue, please feel free to drop by the center anytime or you may call to make an appointment.