Jackie Wells


Family and Health Services Team Leader

Jackie is a mother to three amazing children.  She has two daughters aged 14 and 18 and one son aged 7.  She was born in Port Alberni and has lived her entire life here.  She is of Métis and English ancestry. 

Jackie has been working with families for over 13 years.  Her jobs have included: Pregnancy Outreach Worker, Early Childhood Development Outreach Worker, and, Family and Health Services Team Leader at the Port Alberni Friendship Center’s satellite office at Knee-waas.  She was working at the Family Health Center in 2002 when the Port Alberni Friendship Center bought the building.  We say that Jackie “came with the building” as that is when she began working for the Friendship Center.   Jackie is a powerful advocate as she is passionate about working for the best for her staff and participants.