About Us


Port Alberni Friendship Center
3555 4th Avenue
Port Alberni, BC
V9Y 4H3
Phone #: (250) 723-8281
Fax #: (250) 723-1877
PAFC Wellness Center
3416 4th Avenue
Port Alberni BC
V9Y 4H3
Phone #: (250) 723-8281



The Friendship Center has a Gymnasium/Hall complete with a kitchen, a Family Room with TV for Tutoring, Crafts, Basket Weaving, and Language, and a Board Room which seats up to 20. The Center also has a number of offices, a Reception area, and two waiting areas.

Center activities also take place in school gyms and other areas, and Center staff often work collaboratively with other agencies to deliver our programs.


The Friendship Center has Gym/Hall, Kitchen, and Meeting Room space available for rental by members, community groups, businesses and individuals. The rates are competitive and require a damage/clean-up deposit at the time of booking. For more information please see our Rentals page.


Everyone is welcome to become a member of the Friendship Center. The token membership fee of $2.00 entitles members to a copy of each P.A.F.C. Newsletter, a vote at the Annual General Meeting in September, and a membership card.


All non-profit organizations rely on volunteers. This is especially critical in the case of the Friendship Center. The very nature of the "Friendship" philosophy and operation, and the vast number of services and activities provided, is inspired by volunteerism. Paid staff have a specific job to do and all of them put in extra effort to make the Friendship Center work.

Volunteers can do a little or they can do a lot, depending on what time they have available, but every member of the Friendship Center should be prepared to put at least two hours per week into "Their Building". The Friendship Center was built for the People it serves - the Members - and it is the responsibility of these members to help with the fundraising to help organize, instruct, and supervise at the Center.  Phone the Office Manager at 723-8281, or come down to the Center to find out how to become a Volunteer.  And remember, everyone is welcome at the Center, and everyone can become a member.