Addictions and Mental Health Counseling

Funded by Island Health, the mental health and addictions program continues to provide quality counselling services to members of the Port Alberni and surrounding communities. 
The program is available to all members of the community and strives to meet their needs in a friendly, compassionate and professional manner.  Using holistic, evidence based approaches to healing, the program offers both individual and couples counseling tailored to the specific needs of each individual.  The PAFC mental health and addiction service provides individual, couple, and group treatment to a primarily Aboriginal population in the Port Alberni area.
Additional support is offered through weekly Men’s Groups which occur on Wednesdays from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm. The men’s group is a safe and welcoming place for any man in Port Alberni.  Men are welcome and encouraged to share their experiences with each other and support each other in whichever ways they can.  Additionally, a hot lunch is provided at each and every group.
The counselling service is heavily focused on providing assessment and treatment services to individuals with moderate to severe mental health and addiction issues.  In some instances counselling is a precursor for clients, or families, who wish to obtain a referral to an inpatient treatment program for a much more in-depth and specialized treatment experience. 
Internally, counselling services continue to incorporate both early childhood development and family support services to ensure a coordinated approach is being developed for families with MCFD and USMA concerns. This team approach enhances all stake holders’ abilities to accurately assess and develop viable plans of actions that will solve real world problems.

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