Brighter Futures Parenting Program

Coordinator - Darlene Leonew                                                

Brighter Futures is an exciting program for parents and extended families that encourages parenting growth by sharing and learning through peer facilitation. Brighter Futures was designed for use by our community with input from Elders and parents.
This flexible program runs every Tuesday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Busy parenting schedules are honoured  and families are given the ability to come and go as necessary. We have learned from our parents, the need for this type of flexibility based on previous experiences they have had in other programs.
We also encourage and empower the parents to have ownership of how the program is run and who they would like to have as guest speakers. Having a child minder on site allows parents to focus on the group activity and participation.
We incorporate as much Nuu-chah-nulty culture and information into each session as we can—be it language, foods, traditions, or music.
We are using the following modules which topics include:
¨  Issues Affecting Aboriginal Parents & Children
¨  Families (Part 1)
¨  Families (Part 2—Blending Families)
¨  Abuse Prevention
¨  Child Removal/Return Home/Foster Care
¨  Behavior Management & Child Abuse Prevention
¨  Discipline & Responsibility
¨  Anger & Conflict
¨  Living with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
¨  Daily Living
¨  Child Safety & First Aid
¨  Stress Prevention & recreation
¨  Goal setting & Problem Solving
¨ Community Resources & Peer Support

Hours of Service

Parenting Workshop:  Every Tuesday from 10:00am to 2:00pm

Coordinator Hours

Monday to Friday 8:30pm – 4:00pm

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