Darlene Leonew


Brighter Futures Coordinator/Elder & Cultural Support

Darlene was born in Red Lake Ontario and is a member of the Serpent River  First Nation Band. She has lived in Port Alberni since she was a young girl. Darlene has worked at the Port Alberni Friendship Center for 12 years and has had many different roles such as Youth Worker, Brighter Futures Parenting Program Coordinator, Elders Program Coordinator, Cultural Wellness Worker and Cultural Programs Coordinator- 2007-2018
Growing up she  learned about her Ojibway culture from her Aunts and Uncles and is always will to share her medicine with the people she encounters.  Her bundle is never far away and she shares the gift of smudging to those in need.
Darlene was gifted two Nuu Chah Nulth names, the first one being “Who pii ah “- meaning  Well brought up from Mamie Charleson and Irene Robinson  The second was gifted to her by Simon and Julia Lucas” Ah pii” meaning Likes to help others. And she holds those names with pride. Working with the Nuu Chah Nulth community for over 20 years, Darlene has a strong understanding of the traditional teachings and continues to learn daily from the Elders she works with. Her words that she tries to live by are “ Think with love, Speak with Love”.